PTE Academic Writing Test 2 : Summarize Written Text – Practice Questions

Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words).



Inventory ABC Classification (as known as ABC Analysis) is a term used to define an inventory categorization technique often used in materials management.The ABC Classification provides a mechanism for identifying items that will have a significant impact on overall inventory cost, while also providing a mechanism for identifying different categories of stock that will require different policy settings and inventory control. The ABC analysis is done to manage different stocked items (or SKU’s) that are not all equal in value or order frequency. A best practice is for an organization to group their inventory into three categories (A, B, and C). ‘A Classification’ items are very important for an organization.‘B Classification’ items are important, but of course less important than ‘A’ items and more important than ‘C’ items. ‘C Classification’ items are marginally important.


The council of Maple County, concerned about the county’s becoming overdeveloped, is debating a proposed measure that would prevent the development of existing farmland in the county. But the council is also concerned that such a restriction, by limiting the supply of new housing, could lead to significant increases in the price of housing in the county. Proponents of the measure note that Chestnut County established a similar measure ten years ago, and its housing prices have increased only modestly since. However, opponents of the measure note that Pine County adopted restrictions on the development of new residential housing fifteen years ago, and its housing prices have since more than doubled. The council currently predicts that the proposed measure, if passed, will result in a significant increase in housing prices in Maple County.


Many people who have come close to death from drowning, cardiac arrest or other causes have described near-death experiences–profound, subjective events that sometimes result in dramatic changes in values, beliefs, behavior, and attitudes toward life and death. These experiences often include a new clarity of thinking, a feeling of well being, a sense of being out of the body, and visions of bright light or mystical encounters. Such experiences have been reported by an estimated 30 to 40 percent of hospital patients who were revived after coming close to death and about 5 percent of adult Americans in a nationwide poll. Near-death experiences have been explained as a response to a perceived threat of death (a psychological theory); as a result of biological states that accompany the process of dying (a physiological theory); and as a foretaste of an actual state of bliss after death (a transcendental theory).


At the small, nonprofit hospital in the town of Saluda, the average length of a patient’s stay is two days; at the large, for-profit hospital in the nearby city of Megaville, the average patient stay is six days. Also, the cure rate among patients in the Saluda hospital is about twice that of the Megaville hospital. The Saluda hospital has more employees per patient than the hospital in Megaville, and there are few complaints about service at the local hospital. Such data indicate that treatment in smaller, nonprofit hospitals is more economical and of better quality than treatment in larger, for-profit hospitals.


“The librarians in our town’s school system have reported that the number of trips that our students make to their school library on a voluntary basis has decreased significantly in recent years. For example, the average seventh-grade student visited the school library five times last year, but four of those visits were part of required classroom activities. This shows that our students are reading less than in the past. To address this problem, our town needs to improve the atmosphere of the libraries so that they will be comfortable places in which to work. If students view the libraries as uncomfortable, then they are unlikely to want to spend much time there.”


Two years ago the city voted to prohibit skateboarding in Central Plaza. They claimed that skateboard users were responsible for the litter and vandalism that were keeping other visitors from coming to the plaza. In the past two years, however, there has only been a small increase in the number of visitors to Central Plaza, and litter and vandalism are still problematic. Skateboarding is permitted in Monroe Park, however, and there is no problem with litter or vandalism there. In order to restore Central Plaza to its former glory, then, we recommend that the city lift its prohibition on skateboarding in the plaza.


Radiation therapy is a treatment that uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells or shrink tumors. Learn about radiation therapy for prostate .WebMD explains the use of radiation therapy for prostate cancer, including internal and external radiation therapy, how radiation therapy is performed, side .We ‘re innovators in using radiation therapy to treat and cure prostate cancer. Learn more about common treatment approaches at MSK, such as brachytherapy . Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men. Because surgery and radiation can both be equally effective curative .

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  • Hi Author , experience folks – could you please review and advise.
    what should be the min. length of the summary?. 35 words or less?.can capital letters be used in the middle of the sentence for city, names, countries?

    Inventory ABC Classification is a technique used to classify stocked items into A, B or C class based on their impact on overall inventory cost to manage very important items differently from less important items.

    The council debated whether an existing farmland in maple county be developed for residential housing to which the proponents argued that if it is not developed, it will lead to increase in housing price in future and the council predicted the same.

    Persons who were revived after a near death experience had changed their values, beliefs and mentioned seeing a bright light,a sense of being out-of-body and this near death experience was also explained by different theories.

    Small non-profit hospital in the town of Saluda is more economical, has more employees per patient, has fewer complaints and the average stay of patients is less when compared to a large for-profit hospital in Meganville.

    The librarians reported that the number of students visiting school library voluntarily has decreased significantly, which meant that students were reading less, hence town needs to improve the library, so that they spend more time in there.

    The city has prohibited skateboarders in central plaza claiming they were responsible for litter and vandalism, however, these problems still persisted and there a small increase in the number of visitors to the plaza.

    In radiation therapy, high energy rays are used to kill cancer cells and WebMD uses both internal and external radiation therapy to treat and cure prostate cancer, which is common cancer in American men.

    • Proper nouns need to be capitalized (Basic grammar).

      According to PTE Academic, your summary should be in between 5 and 75 words. But if you ask me, I will tell you to write anywhere between 35 to 50 words.

    • The intensifier ‘very’ modifies the weak adjective ‘important.’ Consider replacing the phrase with a strong adjective to sharpen your writing. Use words like essential, significant, critical

      has → had

      It appears that the verb has in the dependent clause uses the wrong tense. Consider changing it to the past or past perfect tense. (Librarians)

      It appears that you are missing a comma before the coordinating conjunction and in a compound sentence. Consider adding a comma (Small Profit Organisation).


    Inventory ABC classification technique is often used to mechanism of identifying stock items that will require in equal value or different policy control and the best practice is organize to group into three ABC classification upon important of items.

    • The theory of close to death have been taken from patient experiences such as dramatic changes in life and clarity about understanding and some mysterious encounters and this experiences theory have been explained by some psychological,physiological and transcendental theories.

      • At the non-profit hospital in saluda have many benefits than the for-profit hospital in the city of Megaville, such as more employees for per patient ,better quality for treatment and cheaper cost for treatment.

        • The librarians have reported that the number of students are decreased to visiting our library in recent year and our town needs to improve library atmosphere and give them reason to visit our library again for reading and spend their most of time there.

          • However, Prostate cancer is the common disease in men, radiation therapy is the effective treatment for prostate cancer, which is kill cancer cell and shrink tumors.

  • Despite the heavy loss, the mining companies are back in the market and are able to sustain new strategies like debts elimination, checking new options and making right decisions.

  • Although, Prostate cancer is the common disease in men, it can be treated and cured effectively with both radiation therapy and surgery.

    Author: Can you kindly review my post and provide some feedback.
    Thank you…

  • To maintain the glory of Central Plaza, the city needs to prohibit skateboarding which is responsible for litter, vandalism and preventing other visitors to visit plaza.

  • The atmosphere of town school libraries needs to be changed into comfortable place which automatically increases the number of students visit each year.

  • Saluda, smaller and nonprofit hospital provide better care, services and is cheaper than the larger for-profit hospitals in Megaville.

  • Inventory ABC classification is the best practice in material management to arrange the inventory, identify the stocks and items through proper policy setting and inventory control.

  • Maple country has proposed an unstable decision of restricting the supply of new housing to increase the development of farmland in the country by taking the reference of chestnut and pine county’s implementation results.

    Near to death experiences like drowning, cardiac arrest brings significant changes in values , beliefs and attitudes towards death.

    Because of more employers per patients and quality treatment, the nonprofit hospital in soluda is in better position when it compared to profit hospital in Megaville in terms of cure rate and patient’s stay.

    Due to uncomfortable environment in library, most of the students visiting library only as part of mandate school activities. So to attract more students, Library atmosphere should be improved

  • ABC analysis is mechanism which provides policy settings and inventory controls to identify items which impacts inventory cost. Based on this results it classifies impact into 3 levels A, B, C which is why it’s called as ABC analysis.

  • Inventory ABC Analysis is used to classify the category of the inventory technique used in material management through a mechanism that identifies items which have a great effect on the inventory overall cost while managing unequal stocked items.

    Your feedback is really appreciated, thanks.

    • – The word ‘great’ is often overused. Consider using a more specific synonym to improve the sharpness of your writing. Try using words like ‘significant’.

      inventory overall → overall inventory

      It appears that the modifiers in the noun phrase ‘inventory overall cost’ are in the wrong order.

  • Summarize written text #11 – 9’40” – 39 words
    WebMD is pioneering the treatment of prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer in American men, using radiation therapy in both internal and external sides through the use of high-energy rays that either shrink tumors or kill cancers.

  • Summarize written text #10 – 9’33” – 65 words
    Since the act that has prohibited skateboarders to use Central Plaza did not have effect in stopping litter and vandalism or increasing in the number of visitors, and the additional example of the Monroe Park where skateboarding is allowed and no problems with litter and vandalism are found, a recommendation for banning this prohibition in the Central Plaza is given trying to recover its glory.

  • Summarize written text #9 – 9’15” – 44 words
    An improvement in the school’s library system is required to offer the students a better environment where they are likely to stay for long period to work reported the librarians after a survey that highlighted the numbers of students’ voluntary visits has decreased recently.

  • Summarize written text #8 – 9’15” – 50 words
    A comparison between the small, nonprofit hospital in Saluda town and the large, for-profit hospital in Megaville city, which included the average length, the cure rate as well as the number of employees per patient, indicates that the treatment is cheaper and also of better quality in smaller, nonprofit hospitals.

  • Summarize written text #7 – 12’20”
    Near-death experiences, which include a new clarity of understanding, a feeling of well being, a sense of leaving the body and visions of shine light, have been described by some patients in hospitals after coming from close to death, and those experiences have been explained through psychological, physiological and transcendental theories.

  • Summarize written text #6 – 10’40”
    Although Chestnut County demonstrates different results, the council of Maple County is worried about a notable increase in housing prices if the proposed measure of preventing the development of existing rural lands is passed, once this action led Pine County housing prices to peak at the double.

  • Summarize written text #5 – 9’54”
    Inventory ABC Classification is a method that aims at reducing inventory costs as well as qualifying stock items per category, which ranges from “A Classification”, the most valuable items, to “B Classification”, less important items, ending at “C Classification”, the least valuable items.

  • Though, postrate cancer is most common cancer in American men but radiation and surgery therapies are both effective in curing or treating the disease.

    • Though, postrate cancer is the most common cancer in American men but radiation and surgery therapies are both effective in curing or treating the disease.

  • Although, skateboarding has been banned in central plaza in the past two years because they believe the number of visitors increased only a little due to vandalism and litter but the use of skateboarding is still in use Monroe park with no such issues.

  • In recent years, the librarians in our town’s school set-up have been reported to have reduced significantly and it is due to the poor atmosphere of the library because it makes uncomfortable spending time reading.

  • Treatment and cure in small-nonprofitable hospital in Saluda town is more economical and it is of better quality compared to that of large-profitable hospital in Megaville because of the large number of employees assigned per patient.

  • Although, the council of Maple county is worried about county’s becoming overdeveloped but results in the past years in both Chest and Pine counties show there was either a significant or modest increase in housing price.

  • ABC classification gives a mechanism for identifying items that will have significant effect on the overall cost and also manage stocked item(SKU) that are not equal in value frequency.

  • In America most people have come close to death as a result of dramatic changes in values, which indicates an estimation of thirty to forty percent hospital patients and about five percent adults in a nation wide poll through physiological and transcendental theories.

    • – The word “nation wide” seems to be miswritten. Consider replacing it with “nationwide”
      – Comma missing (In America, most people)
      – Rest is good

      • You have built confidence in me i must confess.
        My testimony now is practice makes perfect because i never imagined i will go this far.

        I picked some thing valuable to me from your posts to people “keep practicing”.


  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in America and can also be treated with internal and external radiation therapy, as suggested by WebMD, the innovators of radiation therapy who define it as a treatment that uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells.

  • It was suggested that the ban on skateboarding in Central Plaza be lifted, as litter and vandalism continued to exist; and Monroe Park did not face the same problems while they continued to have skateboarders.

  • It is clear that the quality and affordability of heath care is better in smaller hospitals than the giant profit making hospitals based on the information and facts received from Saluda, a small non-profit organisation and Megaville, a larger profit hospital

  • Inventory ABC classification used in material management and to manage different stocked items, that are not all equal in value.

  • The council of Maple country knowledges that the precaution of overdevelopment may result in inflation of the housing price in the country;however, the same precaution have various result for differnet country.

  • # 5……..
    Organizations have been using an inventory categorization technique which is called ABC classification and this technique is not only used to assess the impact of the inventory cost but it also provides a mechanism to identify different categories of stocks that will require different policy settings and inventory control.

    Note: I have just started preparing for PTE-A. I need help not only from Admin but all the experienced members of this portal.

      • Inventory ABC are group of items in an organization so that, according to these we have an idea that, which one is better and based on this coast may varies where, A is prominent than B, is prominent than c, is a origin point to the product.

        please correct the sentence.

        • – Very messed up sentence
          – There are few articles mistakes – like its “an origin” and not “a origin”
          – Try to rewrite the sentence
          – Read Divya comment

  • #7
    Near death is a subjective event which change thinking of life and death also, these experience has explained in three different theories which includes psychological, physiological and transcendental theory .

  • #6
    Council of Maple country is concern about prevention of existing farmland by limiting the supply for new house then, it will lead to rise in the price of house.

  • #10
    Looking at skateboarding permit at Monroe Park it can be said that prohibition from skateboarding at Central Plaza must be removed as it doesn’t encourage vandalism and littering problems but instead leads to decreased popularity of the Plaza.

  • The average visits of the student in their school library on a voluntary basis have receded over the past few years probably because of uncomfortable ambiance, therefore, the town must resolve this problem.

    • #5 ABC classification is use in a materials management which will identify items that effect on overall inventory cost however, classification A is most important for an organization.

  • #8
    Cure rates at small non-profit hospitals are much higher with economical rate, better services, and treatment if compared to the services provided at large for-profit hospital where an average patient stay is thrice as much as of small hospitals.

  • #Ans 8
    Comparing the facts like average patient stay duration, cure rate in patients, employee staff for patients among towns non-profit hospital and Megavile hospital gives a better edge to the non-profit hospital as it is better in all the aspects as listed previously.

    #Ans 9
    The falling incidents of an average voluntary visit by students to the library show detachment from library and improvements are suggested in areas like making the ambience of the library more amiable so that people will be more comfortable in visiting such places.

    #Ans 10
    To revive the popularity of Central Plaza it is recommended that prohibition of skateboarding should be removed as incidents involving littering, vandalism doesn’t occur in the case of Monroe Park where skateboarding is allowed and even after the ban of skateboarding in Central Plaza littering and vandalism still persists.

    #Ans 11
    Use of radiation for curing the common Cancer forms has widespread to cure Prostate Cancer as well; Prostate Cancer is popular Cancer disease among American men and either surgery or radiation can be applied as cure mechanism.

  • #Ans 5
    An efficient inventory classification terminology commonly referred as ABC is highly regarded in the business organisation because of its categorization feature which helps an organisation in distinguishing or prioritizing one thing over another in an efficient manner and it helps the industry in saving money in inventory management.

    #Ans 6
    Overdevelopment has brought grave situations in front of Maple county where preventing farmland conversion into county will increase prices of housing high in the county and council believes housing prices will go high whereas people supporting the banning of farmland conversion believes that a decade ago similar step had only modest impact on the housing prices.

    #Ans 7
    Near death experienced people, reports different incident which can have a drastic impact upon their way of percieving life, moreover, such experiences considered to bring freshness in their life and multiple theories like psychological, physiological or transcendental theories are used to explain such experiences.

  • #5
    The ABC Classification is an inventory categorization technique, which provides mechanism for identifying items and categories of stock that varies in value or order frequency and most effective when inventory is grouped into three categories.

  • As poster cancer is the most common cancer in American men ,both brachytherapy, and radiation therapy provide the equal resuls for effective curation of the cancer

  • Skateboarding in Central Plaza has been prohibited because of litter and vandalism , however the number of visitors has not been increased ,due to that the recommandation is to lift the skateeboarding in the plaza.

  • Now a days , the number of studnets visiting the library are descering compared to previous years because of uncomfortable workplaces ,and it can be increased by creating the comfortable places in which to work .

  • From this passage ,it has been observed that the treatment in smaller, nonprofit hospitals is more economical and of better quality than treatment in larger, for-profit hospitals

  • Near-death experice , as a response to a perceived threat of death and it causes changing the beliefs and values towards life and death ,besides that it gives the new clarity of thinking about it.

  • The councial of Maple County , is analyzing for imposing of restrictions on new housing development,but they are predicating that the proposed measure result in a significeficant increase in housing prices in Maple Country .

  • Inventory categorization is the technique used in material management for identifyig the impact on overall inverntary and suggest the beat practices for categorizing the inventory .

  • #10 The problem of litter and vandalism in central plaza still persists even after ban on skateboarding, therefore we support the lifting of prohibition.

  • Average stay of patients in non-profit hospital is less than that of large for-profit hospitals and moreover, non-profit hospitals are economical with better quality of treatment than for-profit hospitals.

  • #7 Hospital patients have reported near death experiences like clarity of thinking or mystical encounters, which have been explained by physiological and transcendental theories.

  • #6 The council of Maple country is debating a proposed measure that would prevent the development of existing farmland and this measure, if passed, will result in significant increase in housing prices.

  • #5 Inventory ABC classification is a term used to define a inventory categorisation technique used by organisations in which they groups their inventory inventory into three categories based on importance of items.

  • #8 It is observed that small hospital in Saluda is better than the large hospital in Megaville because Saluda’s hospital has more staff members and treatment is better as compare to Megaville’s hospital.

  • #7 It has been noticed that people who get close to death, they are more clear minded and this research has mainly conducted in hospitals.

  • 6. It has been noticed that council of Maple country is concerned about becoming overdeveloped hence, they contemplate to curb the supply of new housing but this decision can lead to the hiking the prices of housing.

  • 1.It is observed that ABC is a technique which can be used for identification according to the cost and manage the various items according to their importance.

  • #7 Near-death experiences sometimes result in dramatic changes in values, beliefs, behavior, and attitudes toward life and death and it often includes clarity of thinking, a feeling of well being, a sense of being out of the body and mystical encounters and it is also explained as a response to a perceived threat of death.

  • #6 The council of Maple County predicts that if the proposed measure to prevent the development of existing farmland is executed, it will result in a significant increase in the housing prices.

  • #5 An organization should follow the best practice of classifying their inventory groups into three categories A,B and C this provides a mechanism for identifying items that will have a significant impact on overall inventory cost and also provides mechanism for identifying different types of stock that will require different policy settings and inventory control.

  • Banning skateboarders in Central Plaza due to persisting problem of waste did not help increasing the number of visitors, therefore it is recommended to lift the ban.

  • Town must show concern in making student comfortable while spending time in school library in order to fix the declining rate in number of visits as per reported by the librarians.

  • Small and nonprofit hospitals prove to be better in terms of cost and quality of treatment as compared to big and expensive ones.

  • After getting revived half of the patients in hospitals experience mystical phenomena that resulted in their changed perception towards life and death which can be further referred to pscyhological, physiological and transcedental theory.

  • Technique to categorize and manage materials, ABC Classification is used, that not only identify inventory cost but also help setting policy and control by dividing stocks in terms of their importance based on value and order records.

  • #6#
    Debating and concerning about being overdeveloped countries by the council of maple country because they would control on development but council concern about restriction the reason behind that hiking of house price in maple country.

  • #5#

    A valuable practice for group organization their inventory divided into three categories such as ‘A’ classification extremely important while ‘B’ classification has less important than ‘A’ item and ‘C’ classification has marginally important these all are used in material management by mechanism for that direct affect on inventory cost due to setting policy and different controls.

  • ABC classification is basically an inventory categorization technique that reveals the overall performance of policy setting as well as cost and it mainly three groups and each has certain wieght age with respect to their function.

  • #11 In Radiation therapy and Brachytherapy, prostate cancer or tumors are treated with strong rays so surgery and radiation both can be useful.

  • #7 Experiencing death in one or the other form changes the thinking of a human about it and that has been reported by the patients who have experienced death.

    #8 Small non-profit Saluda hospital have more staff and patients recover fast as compared to Megaville hospital where staff is less and patients have to stay long.

    #9 Students less often visit libraries as they do not feel comfortable being there so the environment of the libraries should be improved to encourage students for reading.

    #10 If Plaza needs to regain it’s glory then it should again allow skateboarding as it is allowed in Monroe Park where problem of waste and vandalism does not exist.

    • i dont see a single comma in your ans. i’m just curious that will it gain more marks or its not considered?

    • Your answer seems so perfect. Could you please help me in punctuation? I am struggling in punctuation and it would hamper my scores.

  • #5 ABC classification is done to identify and manage stocked items by grouping them according to their importance.

    #6 Maple County Council is planning to promote agriculture land by limiting the construction of new houses but it thinks that this would increase the housing prices in the county same as Chestnut and Pine County which did the same about a decade ago.

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