PTE Academic Writing Test 25 – Summarize Written Text Practice Questions

Summarize Written Text In One Sentence – Read the passage below and summarize it using 1 sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text 

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.

For millions of years, the oceans have been filled with sounds from natural sources such as the squeaks, moans and clicks of whales and dolphins, the snapping of shrimp, the sound caused by wind upon the surface and even the occasional rumble from earthquakes. Over millions of years, the ocean’s marine species have developed into what they are today, with their own specialized acute hearing abilities, communication skills and echo location abilities at natural sound levels. Hearing is generally as important to many marine creatures as sight is for humans.

The oceans, once referred to as the “The Silent World”, has now become an increasingly noisy place since the industrial age. It is estimated that the ambient ocean noise has increased ten decibels (ten times increase in sound) between 1950 and 1975. Many underwater realms have become very noisy. An increase in motorboats, primarily commercial shipping traffic, exploration and extraction of oil and other minerals, sonar and even coastal jet ski traffic are contributing to the increased level of underwater noise.

The effects of noise pollution are not as easy to notice as are the other more obvious and visible pollutants like oil spills and marine debris. To what extent these manmade sounds are negatively impacting the oceans is not fully known. The current high noise pollution levels are so recent that many individual marine mammals and fish alive today were born before the problem even arose. The long term impact is simply not yet known.


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PTE Academic Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample #6

  • Read and summarize written text in your words.


Humans have been cultivating chillies for 6000 years, but we are still learning new things about the science behind their heat and how it reacts with our body. In the late 1990s, scientists identified the pain nerves that detect capsaicin: the chemical in chillies responsible for most of the burn. But it’s only during the last few years that scientists have also learnt why chillies evolved to be spicy in the first place, and they have managed to cultivate new varieties that are up to 300 times hotter than the common Jalapeno.

The hottest part of a chilli is not the seeds, as many people think, but the white flesh that houses the seeds, known as the placenta. But why did chillies evolve to be hot in the first place? Most scientists believe capsaicin acts mainly as a deterrent against would-be mammal predators such as rodents. But recent research suggests this may not be the whole story. US scientists working in Bolivia have studied how hot and mild chillies differ in their susceptibility to a certain harmful fungus. It turns out that the hotter the chilli, the better its defences against the fungus, leading the researchers to propose that heat may have evolved to help chillies deal with harmful microbes, as well as hungry mammals.

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  • After several researches done on chillies it has been concluded that its the Placenta available in the chilly that makes one feel the spice. Moreover, hotter the chilli better is its defenses against the fungus.

    Please review ! Thanks.

  • A recent research regarding chillies indicates that placenta, the hottest part in chillies, helps to protect it from various microbes such as fungus and also helps to deter mammal predators.

  • There is a recent increase in the level of noise in the ocean due to the various human activities such as extraction of oil and noise from ships, however the final impact of this is not yet know because some species have been already born with this noise.

    Author, what do you think?

  • Marine, species developed communication system in ocean since, millions of years ago but recent industrial development there might increase in noise pollution and impact of very high noise pollution not yet known.

    Researchers found hottest part in chili are not seeds but placenta, which developed to protect from harmful microbes as well as hungry mammals.

  • The scientist believes that chili hottest part is not seed its placenta, which protect chili from fungus, harmful microbes and hungry mammals.

    Author please review:

  • Hearing is very important for marine creatures but due to advent of technology and development in the field of industry, noise pollution has increased in sea and to know about it’s negative impact is not an easy task to accomplish.

  • Unlike various other pollution types, effects of noise pollution are not easily noticed, however, human activities such as commercial shipping, extraction of oil and many others have negatively affected hearing abilities of marine creatures.

  • Although the effects of noise pollution in the water is unknown but
    noise pollution have increased by ships , extraction of oils and other
    man-made factors which impacts communication between sea creatures.

  • 1.Noise pollution has increased due to various factors including increase of motorboats, commercial shipping , exploration and oil extraction etc., which causes bad impact on the marines species, however those negative effects are unnoticable compare to other pollution problems.
    2.Recent research found that capsaicin was the reason to make chillis hotter, hence new more hot varities of its can be cultivated and these hotness deals with the harmful fungus.

  • Chilli contains capsain, responsible for burn and placenta , hottest part of chilli which deals with harmful microbes and defence against fungus

  • Oceans ,the silent world is now a noisy place because of the industrial intervention;however the effect of noise pollution even though not noticable,is negative

  • The ocean is filled with heavy noise,where all aquatic animals disturbs their communication skills, in addition to this but as if we seen from 1950 to 1975 the noise decibels were increased up to ten times and it mainly occurs due to commercial shipping traffic,exploration and extraction of oil,but till today no one predicts the negative impacts of this issue.

    The scientists conducted research on chilles in 1990’s they found due to capsaicin it produce heat to human body,in later they identified due to white flesh it treated as spicy item,in addition to this US scientists claimed that it will detect harmful fungus,and helps to deal with harmful microbes,and mammals.

  • according to the scientific researchs the theory behind the heat of different types of chilies, which is in the white flesh may be evolved to assist plants to protect themselves from the harmful microbes and mammals

  • In addition to the oceans natural noise resources, they are no more considerable as The Silent World due to human and industrial huge underwater activities, which created high noise pollution that may affect the marine creators hearing abilities in the long-term

  • Perhaps we might have known spice from chilli is caused by capsaicin, and recent research also suggests the hottest part of chilli is the known as placenta and it creates heat in order to help chillies to deal with harmful microbes and some animals.

  • Although noise pollution in oceans due to various factors such as the extreme recent industrialization disrupt the marine life, “The Silent World”, comparatively unnoticeable, however its impact are negative but how far is questionable.

  • Earlier scientific studies on extent of hotness in chilies detected that “capsaicin” spawns the burn. However, Recent researches revealed that white part(placenta) plays the role of defender in chilies and the level of hotness of chilies is directly proportional to their resistance to fungus, harmful microbes as well as hungry microbes.

  • Our experts have found out the primary owing of ocean noise pollution for instance shipping traffic, extraction of crude oil but their impacts on ocean life still remaining to explore.

  • 2.From last 6000 of years , humans are developing and using capsicum but scientist are still researching and try to find out science behind their heat and how it reacts with our body?

  • 1.The ‘Silent world’ ocean has become now very noisy place because of industrial age and due to this marine creature are not able to communicate to each other and hear well by natural sound.

  • 2. Placenta is a white flesh makes a chilli more hotter, researchers believe that hotter chillies are helpful to defense against the fungus as well as important to deal with harmful microbes.

  • 1. The silent world is becoming noisy place for all the marine creatures because of industrial age, which is negatively influencing their hearing ability, communication skill and echo location abilities at natural sound levels.

  • Despite having lot of natural sounds with water mammals in ocean for long time, now ocean become an more noisy place since the industrial age due to human activiteis; therefore, this noice pollution will effect longtime for marine mammals.

  • Scores of scientists lent their time researching the reason for chillies causing a burning sensation when eaten, and the result of the research leads us to understand that heat from chillies is a defense mechanism developed by the chilli not only against fungus but also against harmful microbes and hungry mammals.

  • The recent increase of commercial shipments and motorboats plying on the sea has directly caused a rise in the noise levels underwater, but the impact of the decibel increase below the sea is yet to be ascertained because the marine creatures living today have not always been accustomed to this increased noise level and hence the long-term effects of the noise pollution is difficult to determine.

    • Deepa, you are writing more details in summery; therefore, you may get score for content but you will losemarks for coherence and linguistic rane. my suggestion is minimise the data by using god conjunctions.
      hope you will take it as possitively.

  • According to the scientific researches; the theory behind the heat of different types of chilies, which is in the the white flesh, may be evolved to assist plants to protect themselves from the harmful microbes and mammals.

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