PTE Exam Memories – June 24, 2017

Read Aloud:

No difficult words

Describe Image:

Retell Lecture:

Minor language

  • This lecture talks about minor language.
  • People in rural areas choose to move to urban areas.
  • Big cities are not a good place for minor language.
  • People in remote areas preserve their minor language very well

Answer Short Questions:

1. A subject study history of human beings – Archaeology

2. Days in a week starting with letter ‘T’ – Tuesday and Thursday

Summarize Written Text:

Napping – A large new study has found that people who regularly took a siesta were significantly less likely to die of heart disease. Read full paragraph

National Prohibition Act – In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was enacted, creating yet another serious setback to the American wine industry. Read full paragraph


Do you think it is a good idea to get married before finishing school or getting a job?

Reorder Paragraphs:

A: These markets had become rapidly dominated by powerful enterprises who were able to act in their own interests, against the interests of both workers and consumers.

B: Mill was able to see an expanded role for the State in such legislation to protect us against powerful interests.

C: He was able to argue that the State was the only organ that was genuinely capable of responding to social needs and social interests, unlike markets.

D: Markets may be good at encouraging innovation and following trends, but they were no good at ensuring social equality.

E: There had already been some legislation to prevent such abuses – such as various Factory Acts to prevent the exploitation of child workers.

Summarize Spoken Text:

  • Students Debt:

Write from Dictation:

  • If take notes helps you to concentrate, please do
  • The coffee house has a special student discount throughout the week.
  • The dining hall will be under the fall break.

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