PTE / IELTS Essay – Too Much Time At Work Affects Personal Life


Nowadays, people spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. Discuss.

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

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Very rightly said – ‘Excess of everything is bad’. One such instance is excess active professional life. One does not realise that in the race of being highly productive, the personal life takes a back seat. In the quince to conquer that extra mile in professional front i.e. complete that extra file, working overtime, we often compromise the most important aspect of our lives.

Do you remember the last time you spent some quality time with your kids, your wife or your parents? This is where our professional life fails despite offering us handsome money. Without even realising that this is something we will never get enough of, we keep pace. Money can’t buy things that are most precious, one such thing is peace of mind, and we find it in the simplest of things.

It’s not like that one should not work that extra hour to improve or grow but the matter here is to strike a balance between the professional and personal life, as asking for a fine line of separating/ demarcation will be highly justifying. There is always an opportunity to make a choice and our natural habit makes us choose money over anything else as the mind justifies the substance benefit. Let’s take out time for a surprise holiday or just get home a bit early.

Let’s make our health and relationships – the priority, just sometimes and experience the unobserved riches around us. This will not only help you rejuvenate but will also help you perform better in the professional area as the limitation of office life monotony will no longer obstruct your growth. The happiness is around her, within us. All we need to do is, be observant.

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  • In present days, people are spending significant time at their profession; as a result, they do not have time for personal life. For this, there could be various driving elements.

    More focusing on professional life rather than personal life is as a result of tempting something more and more in life. The first reason is upgrading their material possession. To show off the standard in their society people might get busy with their work. For an instant, one of my neighbors is engaged with two jobs; day and night shift to lifting up his economic standard with the society. The present era is computational era so, in most of the society, individuals are competing with their neighbors. Hence, in the name of uplifting their social status through material items, they have to work very hard and no time for themselves to care about their health.

    The second reason might be, to secure the future of their children. In many developing nations like Nepal still, have a critical condition to adapt their children. Parents need to work day and night for good education of their children. Salary and wages in developing nations are very low but the market price is too high. For example, in my country, Nepal, salary per month for normal people is just below 1000/- whereas the tuition fee and admission in a school or college are nearly 50000/- and 40000/-. From single job who dares to provide this money and again how they would run their family? To solve this big question mark, I think people have to spend more time at work.
    In conclusion, people are spending much time at work to solve many hurdles in their family and boosting up it for while they do not have personal time.

  • In an era of digitization where technology has simplified numerous activities of people, it is expected that people would spend less time at work. However, the truth is ironically opposite where people spend longer long hours at work to achieve maximum cost efficiency and increase in productivity. It is uncommon to see employees ranging from clerks to senior managers spending exceeding hours at work thereby leaving very little time for their personal lives.

    It would not be wrong to say that a new trend is emerging in the work life of people, where the employers perceive employees who spend extra hours at work as a hard worker and those who work for fixed hours as average workers. Spending extra time at work to complete an exceeding amount of workload, though helps in achieving higher efficiency for a short while, is harmful for to the employee in the long run since spending less time on personal life leads to increase in stress and dissatisfaction towards their purpose for life.

    In order to tackle this problem, the government can help in forming work timing regulations whereby the timings of the nation’s workforce is are adequately managed and proper measures are taken to ensure healthy mental conditions. Societies can also contribute further by ensuring that the workers spend adequate amounts of time with their families.

    It is quite imperative that for a worker to have proper work-life balance since it will lead to increase in per-capita happiness and ultimately help a nation prosper. For as per a wise saying, one will not remember all the time spent at work but only the hours spent with self and loved ones will matter.

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