PTE Listening (Highlight Correct Summary) – Authentic Practice Sample

Highlight Correct Summary – You will hear a recording. Choose the paragraph that best relates to the recording. This is item type assesses listening and reading skills.

Answer given at the end

PTE Listening: Highlight Correct Summary

Listen to the following audio and choose most accurate summary of the recording.

Note: This transcript is given for your reference purpose only. It will not be given in PTE Academic examination.


Scientists seem to think that simply telling people about various threats to the environment will induce people to change their behavior. But so far at least, that hasn’t been the case. Real change hasn’t occurred because people generally have one or all three of these reasons for thinking that future threats to the environment are over-rated. It’s all so far away.

Many people believe that the environment may be in danger, but they are convinced that the threat is a distant one. Their great grandchildren, not their immediate family, will face it. One person can’t do anything. Faced with the enormity of problems like pollution and global warming, many people feel that one person’s refusing to use plastic bottles is just a drop in the bucket that accomplishes nothing.

Technology is going to solve the problem soon. There isn’t much evidence for this belief. But it’s comforting. Thus people repeat it without doing any research to see if it’s true.

Choose the best summary:

[A]. Science researchers may believe that warning people about what will happen to the environment is going to make a difference. But the warnings aren’t being listened to. Or if they are, they aren’t leading to action on the part of consumers.

[B]. There are three reasons why people don’t listen to scientists’ warnings about threats to the environment. They consider the threat to be far in the future and believe that even if it were closer, one person can’t do anything. Some people are also convinced that threats to the environment will be solved by technological means.

[C]. Many people don’t listen to warnings about threats to the environment because they are convinced that technology can save the environment. They believe this despite all evidence to the contrary, probably because it helps eliminate any anxiety they might have about the future.

B(Sentence [B] is the best answer because it sums up the main idea of the reading right at the start.)

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