PTE Mock Test 13 – Reading (Re-order Paragraphs)- Free Practice

Reorder Paragraphs  – In re-order paragraphs, you are required to restore the original order of the text. This item type assesses reading skills. It requires test takers to be familiar with the organization and cohesion of academic texts and arrange text boxes in a single correct order.

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PTE Academic Reading Re-order Paragraphs

1. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. They even find it difficult to interpret long written notices.

[B]. But they succeed in playing games of chess.

[C]. The study of speech disorders due to brain injury suggests that patients can think without having adequate control over their language.

[D]. Some patients, for example, fail to find the names of objects presented to them.

[E].  They can even use the concepts needed for chess playing, though they are unable to express many of the concepts in ordinary language


CDABE. ‘C’ is the introductory sentence as it is independent & stands alone. ‘D’ follows ‘E’ as it presents an example to the study of speech disorders. ‘They’ in sentence ‘A’ is referring to patients as discussed in ‘D’. ‘B’ takes the discussion forward. Further ‘B’ ‘E’ is a mandatory pair.

2. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. Nehru’s idea of secularism was equal indifference to all religions and bothering about none of them.

[B]. Such secularism which means the rejection of all religions is contrary to our culture and tradition.

[C]. There is a difference between Gandhiji’s concept of secularism and that of Nehru’s.

[D]. Instead of doing any good, such secularism can do harm instead of good.

[E]. In Gandhiji’s view, secularism stands for equal respect for all religions.



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