PTE Mock Test 3 – Listening (Highlight Incorrect Words)

Highlight Incorrect Words – You will hear a recording. Some words in the transcription differ form what the speaker(s) said. Find out incorrect words.

This is an item type that integrates listening and reading skills, and requires you to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription.

PTE Mock Test: Highlight Incorrect Words

  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #1

I think the importance of creativity today really reflects a fundamental rift in the nature of the economy. You know, in the old days, wealth was created because in the industrial era, you manufactured everything, you got economies of scale, you had long production runs, you were really effective – you know, you could get a Model T, any color just so long as it was black. Right? So there was centralization. And there was a whole set of presumptions about how to manage, how to create an organization – you know, a typical kind of hierarchical organization – to make sure that things ran smoothly. Well, that may be great for a relatively stable era of history – relatively stable – but now things are functionally unstable – and so we need less economies of scale and more economies of recovery. Which means that the management approach, the organizational approach, has got to shift as well.

INCORRECT WORDS: rift, everything, effective, centralization, presumptions, functionally, recovery.


  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #2

For years — through many sessions of Congress — policymakers, researchers, environmentalists and energy companies have depicted the merits of instituting a carbon tax across the U.S. economy. Such a tax, which would assume a fee to carbon dioxide emissions because of their temperamental impact on the atmosphere and contributions to climate change, has long appealed to a diverse mix of people of varying political ideologies, from groups on both the political left and right. This annual appeal across party lines (of course, with many exceptions) mostly stems from the relative complexity, in principle, of a uniform tax, in contrast to the more administratively complicated policy of lowering emissions by putting caps on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be released. Some conservative economists, for example, are attracted to it because it does not necessarily require Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) involvement and could be used to onset and lower personal and corporate income taxes, possibly facilitating brighter tax reform.

INCORRECT WORDS: depicted, assume, temperamental, annual, complexity, onset, brighter.

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  • The audio is recorded by text to voice bot, therefore its pace accelerates at some instant, resulting in lower score while practicing. Even writing on notebook while listening and reading is very difficult as compared to selecting on PC. Though if a person discovering 2-3 words out of 5-6 in these practices, then he/she would score better in actual test..

    • Use Yellow highlighter pen for the web, it is an extension for chrome. In this way, you can highlight immediately as you hear the incorrect words. Good luck friend.

  • 1: Incorrect : rift, everything, effective, centralization, presumptions, functionally, recovery.
    Correct : shift, something, efficient, standardisation, assumption , fundamentally, discovery

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