PTE Practice Test 14 – Writing (Summarize Written Text)

PTE Practice Test 14 (Summarize Written Text) – Read the passage below and summarize it using 1 sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Practice Test – Summarize Written Text

  1. Read and summarize written text in your words.

In the present day we see advertisements wherever we cast our eyes. Drawing up advertisements is not as easy as it might look at first sight. The knowledge of psychology is essential in order to draw up a good advertisement, one which will attract people and persuade them to buy something. Advertisements help people to make up their minds. An understanding of human nature and the way men‟s minds work is very necessary in a man who is going to write something which makes a person decide to part with his money. Some unskillful writers, instead of attracting people to buy goods, make them feel annoyed. For example it is said to be wrong from the psychological point of view to declare “Our toothpaste is the best”. Those who see such an advertisement say to themselves: “No, it isn’t. What I have been using for the last ten years is much better”. A wise way is to suggest that the toothpaste you manufacture has qualities which make it worth a trial. Again, a photograph is more attractive than a drawing of imaginary scenes of persons.

On the moral side, too, one has to be careful. Most advertising agencies refuse to have anything to do with the sale of goods which may be harmful or which are not what they are declared to be. Advertisements must not deceive. Certain medicines, upon examination, turn out to be nothing but water, sugar and coloring matter, yet the dishonest manufacturers ask a high price for them.


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2. Read and summarize written text in your words.

Pilate, the ancient Roman Governor of Judea, was not much interested in knowing the meaning of truth. He was a skeptical man and changed his opinions frequently. There are men who think that having fixed beliefs amounts to slavery. They want freedom of thought and action. A school of philosophers in ancient Greece, called the skeptics, were of the view that whatever the man was inclined to believe was true.

The discovery of truth involves a lot of time and labour. Besides, when the truth has been discovered it acts as a kind of restraint upon the minds of the men, because, men cannot change their beliefs according to their whim. Lies are in favor not because of either of these two causes. It seems that human beings are somehow or other attracted by lies. Lies told by poets are certainly a source of pleasure. Lies told by traders bring them financial gain. But why people should speak lies for the sake of lies is not clear.

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  • the presenter demostrates a topic about advertisement it can be clear made out from the presentation that the speaker tries to highlight two main points with regard to advertisement. one significant advantage can be emphasized by the topic in advertisement one disadvantage which was reiterated in the advertisement was to be happen in advertisement. the topic were pretty clear as the other aspects about the topic were elaborately discuss

  • The knowledge of psychology is very important in designing an advertisement which plays a major role in attracting the person towards the product and making profit, the overall idea of the text is that the advertisements must be creative to attract the buyers.

  • The paragraph describes about the ancient roman history about truth and lies. People are aware about truth and its hardships. However, people are inclined toward lies for their pleasure and benefits. But it is not understandable that why people should speak lie for the sake of lie.

  • While making advertisements, one must ensure that the product advertisements are made carefully with consideration about human nature and exact information about the product.

  • Advertisements are everywhere, and some of the contents are so attractive that lures the viewer to purchase an advertised product, however, it should not mislead the consumer.

  • #2…
    People take pleasure in speaking lies because the sole intention is immediate gain and and a sense of pride without thinking about the consequences whereas it needs courage, time and labour to practice and speak truth in addition to changing beliefs one has.

  • #1….
    While the advertising world needs creativity to send the right message to the people who are actually going to use the product based on the content of the advertisement but in some cases the wrong message is sent across misleading the consumer to buy a product irrespective of the substandard of the product or any support for the claim made in the advertisement and the sole intention of such advertisements is to share the wallet.

  • how many numbers are include in this part and which numbers? like, content, spelling, formal requirement, and so on.

  • Advertisement requires the knowledge of psychology to be able to get into the mind of target customers, so as to attract them, persuade them to buy and also there is need to consider the ethical part of advertisement.

  • These days advertisements has a vital role in our day to day life, where the advertisers work hard in presenting them which makes the customers psychologically feel to part some money towards, where in some has no worth rather just saying it not to benefit the customers which just appeals their color and mixture harming the people , hereby need the variation to be understood before parting into it.

  • The highest responsibility of drawing advertisements which attract customers is in the writers’ hand and relevant authorities should take care of core of the advertisement to avoid mislead or deceive target customers.

  • Pilate, the ancient roman governor did not believe in meaning of truth. He embarrassed freedom of thoughts and action over belief in truth. In the modern world truth seem to be a belief system, people following them do not change their mind when provided evidence over reality, which actually seem to be belief in lies.

  • Making of advertisements is not easy as it may seem. The team behind developing advertisements should develop themes considering psychological, moral and social aspects in-order to achieve success. Out of the different key factors more importance should be given to moral aspect. If the above said factors are not followed it is very unlikely the advertisement could be successful.

  • Pilate was the Roman Governor of Judea and he was skeptical who wants to believe what he was believing, also to find out the truth it takes times, on the other hand some people lies because it is in favour of them.

  • Manufacturers attract consumers through advertisements, it is vital to be careful of these because they are tricky and some agencies do not want to do anything with goods if discrepancy may happen.

  • Drawing up advertisement require specialized skills. Which should be draft to attract more customers, once they watch it. On the other hand, it should be able to satisfy advertisements agencies too. Adding up a photo on advertisement will be helpful than writing scripts, as scripts may be affect to idea of the advertisement.

  • The advertisement has become the part and parcel of our life, a good advertisement plays with the psychology of human mind by presenting attention seeking photograph, but morally it mustn’t mislead and deceive its target audiences.

  • Now a days advertisement is everywhere and since it will draw up to the customers in a first glance, the knowlege of psychology will play a vital role in making those advertisement.

  • Advertisement should employ the essential knowledge of psychology to attract, persuade people avoiding deceit through the comprehension of human brain and behavioral nature, in order for it to be practicable.

    Discovery of truth is often found to have impacts on modifying one’s belief and in controlling one’s mind but in contrast lies instigate pleasures and offers gain.

  • Though advertisements are common, drawing up best one is a skill and needs sound knowledge of human nature, psychology to ensure people buy the product; otherwise users may get annoyed and therefore product companies must also remain careful as many advertisement agencies do refuse offers to make an advertisement for those products which deceive its users on moral grounds.

  • The paragraph discusses about truth and lies, discovery of truth on a particular incident takes a lot of time in the mean while lies are attracted by the people for their financial gain or pleasure but one day it comes to know that it is a lie, and truth will be notified.

  • Drawing up advertisements is not as simple as it might look at first sight, and the knowledge of psychology is extremely important in order to draw up a good advertisement, one which will attract people and persuade them to buy something.

  • This summary is about the study that was conducted on truth and lies, in ancient Greece the skeptics was whatever man was inclined to believe used to be considered as truth, however, human beings are more attracted towards lies because of the gains either in form of financial or enjoyment.

  • In today’s world making an advertisement is common yet complex task to attract the buyers in which knowledge of psychology plays a pivotal role to understand the human behaviour, and advertisement should be created on ethical ground to make it a success

  • The summary is about the psychological and visual factors of advertising, which encourage the customer to purchase a product, regardless of convincing them the qualities and benefits associated with the product.

  • The advertisers,Who make advertisement should be creative and particularly be honest in promoting the products to a common man.

  • The paragraph is about advertising through which purpose is to attracting people and persuade them to buy something, despite of profiting and selling the products it must be benefiting to the customer.

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