PTE Practice Test 3 – Speaking (Retell Lecture) – Audio With Transcript

Retell Lecture – You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, retell what you have just heard from the lecture in your own words. You will have 40 seconds to give your response. This item type that integrates listening and speaking skills.

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PTE Academic Speaking – Retell Lecture

1. Listen to the following audio and retell lecture in your own words.


TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

This is a bomb calorimeter this is the actual piece of equipment that research reviews to calculate the energy content of either bio-diesel or maybe even the potato chips that you had for lunch today. Click here to read full transcript

When they calculate the amount of energy they’re going to calculate it in heat units which would either be joules or calories. I want you to look inside the bomb calorimeter inside here you can see that there’s a silver bucket, water goes all in here and this is actually the bomb is the smaller silver cylinder what you do is put your fuel sample in there then. These two electrodes are connected to the bomb these provide the spark that will ignite your sample when your sample burns or combust that gives off energy so how is the energy collected or how did how does a scientist figure out how much energy is being given off. Well it’s a closed system there’s a lid here that goes on top of this calorimeter and what’s in here in the lid is a stir the stir is going to stir

the water that’s in this big pool here so that the heat given off from the sample is going to warm the water in a uniform way this is the temperature probe this goes down in the water off so and measures the change in temperature because as the sample is burned it will give off heat and the temperature of the water will increase so the lid goes on the sample is prepared the last thing that you need to

make a combustion reaction happen is oxygen and at some point during the process some oxygen is added by a tank that’s connected to the calorimeter here so we are going to burn a sample of the bio-diesel that you’ve prepared and get some feedback on the energy content of it you’ll be able to use this to compare it to petroleum-based fuels like octane

2. Listen to the following audio and retell lecture in your own words.

TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

Hello again. Well, we’re near the end of our unit on newspapers. I’m going to talk about our national newspaper, USA Today.  Click here to read full transcript

USA Today is now more than 25 years old. When it began, few expected it would last this long. Well, not only has it lasted, it has thrived. USA Today is the largest-selling daily newspaper in America. It is also distributed in many countries around the world. But that’s only part of the story.

The real success of USA Today is the way it changed the newspaper industry. USA Today changed the way papers look. It changed the way reporters write. And it changed the way papers gather and deliver the news.

USA Today set out to be different. Newspapers at that time were, um, in trouble. Fewer people were reading them. The papers were full of bad news about crime and killing. They had long stories. They didn’t have color photos and graphics, and many could not include the latest sports scores. USA Today changed all that. It had shorter stories, most of which did not jump, or continue, from one page to another. It used color photos, and colorful charts and graphics. It did not have much international news, but it did have lots of sports, entertainment and human-interest stories. It was trying to appeal to younger readers. These readers had been raised watching television, so they had trouble, uh, paying attention to longer stories. They wanted, erm, to be entertained, not informed. At first, many people laughed at USA Today. Other newspapers called it “McPaper.” They were comparing it to McDonald’s fast food, which isn’t, um, very healthy. It fills you up, but it doesn’t have much nutrition. They said McPaper was the same way — it looked good, but the news it had wasn’t very important.

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  • The voice of this speaker is unnatural while in the real test we hear to real voices. Please try to make all the listening parts supported with real voices.


  • The speaker tells us about national news, which is USA Today newspaper,
    She explained that over last two and half decades it is
    high selling newspaper even internationally due to changing
    content, graphics, the way of reporting and limiting crime news
    adding more colored photos, sports, entertainment and more
    healthy contents for young people who missed news from TV.
    USA Today newspaper refer to as mac-newspaper.

  • The lecture is giving the biography of the newspaper USA Today by describe how people are seeing it in early days and how now its one of the largest newspaper in USA. It also highlighted, how USA today has changed the way newspaper industry operate. The USA Today initially was in trouble due to bad stories of crime and killing. The people were finding it less attractive due to long stories and lack of color images. But today the newspaper has changed the structure to short stories, color images and news about sports and entertainment to meet the habbit of younger audience, which spend more time by watching television. Due to this change, Some of the audience started comparing the newspaper with Mcdonalds because it doesnt impress you. But it gives enough information to make you aware about industry.

  • The lecture is about the Americas’ popular newspaper USA Today, it is about 25 year old. USA Today has not only last such long journey but thrived along; today is largest sell daily newspaper in America; it also distribute in some other counties as well. The reason behind the success of the USA Today is the way it changed the delivery of report. In early years newspapers published only crime related news and had no photographs and sports section. People use to compare USA Today with MC Donald as it had small news elaboration and more sport coverage; as its target audience is youngster.

  • The speaker talks about a newspaper called UA Today.It’s being sold for last 25 years.It is the largest English selling daily.It is also distributed in many countries around the world.

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