PTE Practice Test 6 – Listening (Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer)

Listening (Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer) – Listen to the recording and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

This is a multiple-choice item type that assesses listening skills. It requires test takers to listen to, analyze, understand and assess a short recording on an academic subject and choose a single correct response.

PTE Practice Test  – Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

  • Listen to the audio and answer the following question #1


QUES:  What is the main idea of this passage?

[A]. Studying history helps us to live in today’s world.
[B]. Studying history is not just memorization.
[C]. The role of education is to help students deal with real life.
[D]. Students should study both national and international history.



TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

The study of history provides many benefits. First, we learn from the past. We may repeat mistakes, but, at least, we have the opportunity to avoid them. Second, history teaches us what questions to ask about the present. Click here to read full transcript

Contrary to some people’s view, the study of history is not the memorization of names, dates, and places. It is the thoughtful examination of the forces that have shaped the courses of human life. We can examine events from the past and then draw inferences about current events. History teaches us about likely outcomes.

Another benefit of the study of history is the broad range of human experience which is covered. War and peace are certainly covered as are national and international affairs. However, matters of culture (art, literature, and music) are also included in historical study. Human nature is an important part of history: emotions like passion, greed, and insecurity have influenced the shaping of world affairs. Anyone who thinks that the study of history is boring has not really studied history.



PTE Listening (Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer) Practice Test

  • Listen to the audio and answer the following question #2


QUES: This passage states that:

[A]. the Greenhouse effect is destroying the planetʹs atmosphere.
[B]. temperatures in Greenland have been unusually stable over the past 100 years.
[C]. there is more than one kind of information that scientists can use to determine the characteristics of the Earthʹs early climate.
[D]. solar energy is the wave of the future.



TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

The Earthʹs past climate–including temperature and elements in the atmosphere–has recently been studied by analyzing ice samples from Greenland and Antarctica. Click here to read full transcript

The air bubbles in the ice have shown that, over the past 160,000 years, there has been a close correlation between temperature changes and level of natural greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane. One recent analysis from Greenland showed that at the end of the last glacial period (when the great ice sheets began to retreat to their present position), temperatures in southern Greenland rose from 5 to 7 degrees in about 100 years.

Air bubbles are not the only method of determining characteristics of the Earthʹs ancient climate history. Analysis of dust layers from ancient volcanic activity is another such method; as is the study of ice cores, which interpret past solar activity that may have affected our climate.

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