PTE Practice Test 9 – Summarize Written Text – PTE Academic Writing

PTE Practice Test Summarize Written Text – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

This is a short-answer writing item type that integrates writing and reading skills. It requires test takers to understand, analyze and extract information from a reading passage and summarize the key points in one sentence.

PTE Practice Test  – Summarize Written Text

  1. Read the given text and summarize written text in your words.

It has been said that to feel well, you must eat well. That is true, but you also need to get
adequate amounts of exercise. The combination of a nutritious diet and an exercise program is the best thing you can do for yourself and those that love you. With a proper diet, you will more easily maintain the proper weight and get the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Add exercise to the mix, and maintaining the proper weight becomes easier.

A proper diet consists of fresh foods that are low in fat and sugar, high in fiber, and includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This type of diet will help you ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many forms of cancer. By adding exercise, you are keeping your heart healthy and your joints functioning properly, which also helps ward off the same diseases as well as arthritis. Recent studies have also shown that proper diet and exercise helps keep people mentally fit also by lowering the risk of a stroke and even
lowering your risk for developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

So as you can see, proper diet and adequate exercise may just be the key to helping you live longer and healthier.

2. Read the given text and summarize written text in your words.

Because of the unstructured nature of the group, the major problem faced by the participants is how they are going to use their time together – whether it be eighteen hours of a week-end or forty or more hours in a one-week group. Often there is consternation, anxiety, and irritation at first – particularly because of the lack of structure. Only gradually does it become evident that the major aim of nearly every member is to find ways of relating to other members of the group and to himself. Then as they gradually, tentatively, and fearfully explore their feelings and attitudes towards one another and towards themselves, it becomes increasingly evident that what they have first presented are façades, masks. Only cautiously do the real feelings and real persons emerge. The contrast between the outer shell and the inner person becomes more and more apparent as the hours go by. Little by little, a sense of genuine communication builds up, and the person who has been thoroughly walled off from others comes out with some small segment of his actual feelings. Usually his attitude has been that his real feelings will be quite unacceptable to other members of the group. To his astonishment, he finds that he is more accepted the more real that he becomes. Negative feelings are often especially feared, since it seems certain to each individual that his angry or jealous feelings cannot possibly be accepted by another.

Thus one of the most common developments is that a sense of trust slowly begins to build, and also a sense of warmth and liking for other members of the group. A woman says on Sunday afternoon, ‘If anybody had told me Friday evening that by today I would be loving every member of this group I would have told him that he belonged in the nut house.’ Participants feel a closeness and intimacy which they have not felt even with their spouses or members of their own family, because they have revealed themselves here more deeply and more fully than to those in their own family circle.

Thus, in such a group the individual comes to know himself and each of the others more completely than is possible in the usual social or working relationships. He becomes deeply acquainted with the other members and with his own inner self, the self that otherwise tends to be hidden behind his façade. Hence he relates better to others, both in the group and later in the everyday life situation.

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    • Although, it is known that to feel well, you must eat well but it must be done with adequate exercise and a combination of nutritious diets and proper diets in other to ward off high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many forms of cancer.

    • Although, the unstructured nature of the group and how they will spend their time together was the issue because of uncertainty, fear and irritation but they spent time working together by sharing their feelings and gained trust amongst each other.

  • Proper diet and adequate exercises are highly recommended which helps in preventing cardiac related issues and other form of diseases and keeps one healthier throughout their life.

    Author pls review

  • Although, in the past groups lacked structure and time management which brought fear in them until participants later found out that the solution is to actually relate with each other in order to foster warmth and trust in each other.

    • – It appears that ‘actually’ may be unnecessary in this sentence. Consider removing it.
      – Replace ‘in order to’ with ‘to’

        • Although, it has been said that to feed well you must eat well and eating nutritious diets with fresh fruits and vegetables to ward off diseases like cancer,high blood pressure,diabetes and dementia but it must be done with adequate exercises for healthier and longer life.

          • Although, it has been said that to feed well you must eat well but recent studies have shown that it must be done with adequate exercises and also with proper nutritious diets like fresh fruits, foods and vegetables to ward off diseases like high blood pressure,diabetes,dementia and Arthritis for a healthier and longer life.

  • In recent studies, proper diets and adequate amounts of exercises help prevent the risk of heart diseases, stroke, Artritis and other forms of dementia and it also increase the chances of longer life in good health.

  • In a social group, people first hesitate than gradually start sharing their real feelings and attitude they learn that jealous feelings and angy not accepted by others this
    learning helps them in their day to day life to better relationship with others.

  • The aim to get connected with others in a group can not be achieved until one reveal true self while communicating with others that eventually ended up being familiarize better with others than close family members and to one self.

  • The key to healthier and longer life is adequate amount of exercise and nutritious diet, where the diet keeps severe disease like cancer away and physical exercise makes one fit, hence mentally.

  • While joining a couple of people as a group ,initially it seems to be unstructured ,as a result participents can not use their time together and they will not express their feelings with each other ,however once they start sharing their views and relating to other members ,they will build a trust,social and working relationships.

  • For living long and healthy ,the combination of nutritious diet and exercise is mandatooty , with out these the body will not function properally and we can overcome this by following proper diect with freshfood that contains low fat ,high in fiber .

  • To live longer and healthier life without any sort of diseases you should take nutritious diet along with adequate amount of exercise, also it will keep you mentally fit by lowering the risk of various strokes and attacks.

  • Nutritious diet with proper exercise not just only make one fit, physically and mentally, but it also provide the immunity from deadly diseases like cancer, so as to live long healthier life.

  • As recent study shows that if you can eat fresh food, nutritious diet and do regular exercise to be improve your life longer and healthy.

  • Even though unstructured nature of a group leads its members to some dificulties, the real feelings and attitudes gradually begins to build up among them; therefore, they are having facades masks in the first place.

  • Recent study has shown that the regular exercises and proper diet with necessary nutrients not only help to maintaining physical fitness and weight to get rid of various diseases, but they also help to reducing the risk of numerous mental illness.

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