PTE Re Tell Lecture Practice Tips and Expert Advice

Just like any other PTE Speaking item, Retell Lecture scores depends upon

  • Oral Fluency
  • Pronunciation
  • Content

In my previous post, I have already explained how oral fluency and pronunciation effects your score. If you haven’t read my post, read here – Oral Fluency & Pronunciation Scoring Criteria.

In this post, I will cover following things:

  • PTE retell lecture scoring guide
  • How to take notes
  • Templates
  • Tips & Tricks

Before learning how to make notes, let’s first see how content is scored in Retell Lecture:

How To Make notes faster:

  • Listen to the lecture carefully
  • Identify the key points – don’t try to write down the whole lecture
  • Make a flow chart
  • Use abbreviations & sign language where ever possible

Let me explain this to you with the help of an example:


In a learning environment, a common cause of boredom is lack of understanding; for instance, if one is not following or connecting to the material in a class or lecture, it will usually seem boring. Click here to read full transcript

However, the opposite can also be true; something that is too easily understood, simple or transparent, can also be boring. Boredom is often inversely related to learning, and in school, it may be a sign that a student is not challenged enough, or too challenged. An activity that is predictable to the students is likely to bore them. Boredom has been studied as being related to drug abuse among teens. Boredom has been proposed as a cause of pathological gambling behaviour. A study found results consistent with the hypothesis that pathological gamblers seek stimulation to avoid states of boredom and depression. It has been suggested that boredom has an evolutionary basis that encourages humans to seek out new challenges. It may influence human learning and ingenuity. Some recent studies have suggested that boredom may have some positive effects. A low-stimulus environment may lead to increased creativity. 

Check out the notes that I have made:

Well, I apologise for the handwriting. You may or may not understand it, but it works well for me. I have also used some signs & at the end, I have also explained those signs just for you.

Now that we have got the notes, let’s try to convert notes into the lecture.

Now listen to the above lecture again and try to take your notes.

Re-Tell Lecture Template

Introduce the theme: The lecturer talks about boredom, its causes and effects.

Kew point 1: The author thinks boredom can be experienced if a student finds a class too easy or too difficult.

Key point 2: Boredom has been found as the reason behind gambling and drug abuse.

Conclusion: However, boredom also has some positive effects such as increased creativity.

I have few more templates you can use to construct your answer:

Template #1: The speaker provides the brief information about __________. First of all, ______________. Secondally ___________. Ina nutshell, ____________.

Template #2:  The lecture describes the information about ___________. Te begin with, ____________. Inaddition to this. ___________. Lastly, ____________. To conclude, ___________.

Tips & Tricks To Score Higher In Retell Lecture:

  • Make notes – very important
  • Don’t write whole sentences
  • Make a flowchart
  • Be careful with the tenses
  • Speak for more than 35 seconds.

If any need any help, let me know through comments:

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  • This is very helpful. I need more practice on this. Could you please share some more collection on re-tell lectures to my email id.

    • No, you cannot carry anything with you. You will be provided a notepad during the test on which you can take down the necessary notes.

  • Hello Author,

    Would you mind to send some practice materials in my email [email protected]. I find your sample practice test helpful in preparation for my upcoming exam. I highly appreciate your effort. Thank you

  • Hi there

    Your website is quite helpful in preparation for PTE. Could you please do a video explanation about how to do well in Summerize Spoken Text. Especially, taking notes and how to understand the main key points. I think many students are struggling and lacking on content which affects the listening content even though the Speaking is excellent. In this section I struggle a lot with the content. I m unable to take proper notes and grasp the content and key points. If you could do a lesson on this that would be highly appreciated.

  • Retell lecture’s that I got an exam were:
    1 Non-profit Organization
    2. Effects of migration- Useful for developing countries … people can earn and send back money
    Summarize spoken text
    Citizenship Education
    Division of powers between federal and state level government- Democratic and Republician parties
    3 History of colors- Red, blue and yellow

  • Listening_Spoken texts appear in my exam today:

    1. Sun receptors

    Key points:
    >making physical and electronic motions, spike and vibrate in the ear.
    >Interesting for MIT students if they want to learn about receptors.

    2. Biology of living things.

    Key points:
    >four panels research done on humans, butterfly, bacteria, and dolphins
    >all have similar form and metabolism and share same chemical components

  • Re-tell lectures that I got in today’s exam are:

    1. Non-profit organisation

    key points:
    >$1 Trillion
    >700,000 spend by organization in Australia alone
    >35,000 spend by UN non-profit organisation

    2. Climate change

    Key points:
    >Effects of heat on our agricultural crop
    >less production means less food
    >Scientist assumed by 2060, most primitive countries like Africa will suffer a lot
    >continue to grow if steps are not taken

  • Hello author,

    your website is really useful for us. many thanks for your valuable advice and the practice questions and answers.

    could you please upload some repeated re-tell lecture questions with their sample answers. once again we really appreciate your great support.

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