Fill in the Blanks: PTE Reading Tips

PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks Tips – In PTE’s Reading: Fill in the Blanks section, you come across four to five texts, of around 80 words each. You, as the candidate, are supposed to fill in the appropriate word in the blank, from the list of given words or from the drop-down menu alongside each blank space. To ace Reading: Fill in the Blanks section, have a look at the following tips.

Fill In The Blanks Tips & Strategies

Tip 1: Be cautious about Collocation

In other words, you need to be aware of the different words that can be used at a place of a certain word. Interchanging words and knowing the different synonyms of a specific word will help you a lot in making the ‘Reading test’ easier for you. Also, be aware of the different phrases and the way in which they are generally used; for example, an increase/decrease in, be concerned about, be aware of, be interested in etc. Download the Academic Collocation List.

Tip 2: Have a strong Vocabulary Base

This is the most important skill that you need to possess in order to score well in Fill-ups section. If you know different words, their synonyms, and their meaning, you can actually ace PTE reading test. To improve your vocabulary, you can develop the habit of reading daily English newspaper, installing different Apps for improving your vocab and listening to English news, movies and documentaries on a daily basis.

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Tip 3: Work on improving your Reading Skills

Alongside having a good vocabulary, you need to be a fast reader as well. Only then you will be able to attempt all the questions in the given time period.

Tip 4: Polish your Grammar skills

Grammar is the base of every language proficiency test. Brush up your grammar basics, such as parts of speech, voice, and tenses. Let us have a look at a simple example, suppose following is the fill-up question:

Scientific papers are now beginning to _________ blogs as references.

(view, formal, world, cite, look, serving)

Now, if you have sound knowledge about grammar, you will be aware that before the blank, the ‘preposition’ that has been used is ‘to’. So, you are supposed to be using infinitive form, which is to + Verb first form after ‘to’. And, out of the list of the options given, only view, look and cite are the verbs, whereas formal is adjective, world is a noun and serving is gerund. Out of the three verbs that we have, “cite” is the most appropriate fit as the answer (only if you know its meaning, which gives example or reference to something).

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Tip 5: Proof-reading

Once you are done filling in all the blank spaces, read the entire text and check whether it is making sense as a whole. If it does, you can be confident that you have filled in the right answers.


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