PTE Reading Tips: For All 5 Question Types

Looking for PTE Reading tips? Before that, let us recall what all question types we have in the Reading module. These are:

  • Multiple choice questions (single answer)
  • Multiple choice questions (multiple answers)
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks (drag and drop)
  • Fill in the blanks (list of choices)

The entire module is of 32 minutes long, which is further divided into 2 minutes each for 2 Multiple choice questions (single answer), 2.5 minutes each for 2 Multiple choice questions (multiple answer), 4 minutes each for 2 re-order paragraphs, 1.5 minutes each for 4 Fill in the blanks (drag and drop) and 1.5 minutes each for 6 Fill in the blanks (list of choices).

PTE Reading Tips

pte reading tips

Now, let us have a look at some useful tips to score well in all the above-mentioned question types.

1. Multiple choice questions (single answer)

  • Mark the correct answer within the given time limit.
  • Use the elimination method. Read the passage and try to fit the answer that seems more logical and correct.
  • Have a strong vocabulary base. Knowing about synonyms of simple words will help you find the correct answer.
  • If you leave any answer unattempted, it is marked as incorrect. So, avoid leaving any question unanswered. Try to find the answer first, but if the time is running out, just make a guess – you never know, sometimes it can be correct.

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2. Multiple choice questions (multiple answers)

  • Strictly follow the time limit. Select the correct answers within 2 minutes, for each question.
  • Pay attention to Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Prepositions. These will help you in figuring out what can possibly be the right answer.
  • Read all the questions and the given options before reading the text.
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answers is one such item type, where ‘Partial Credit’ scoring is applicable. Know More About “Partial Credit” Scoring Method.

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Re-order paragraphs

  • Look out for the topic sentence first because every paragraph begins with a logical topic sentence.
  • Remember that the sentences starting with Pronouns will never come at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Pay attention to the clue words.

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4. Fill in the blanks (drag and drop)

  • Read the text beforehand, to get brief about the text.
  • Apart from that, use collocations and words that go with specific phrases such as to begin with, apart from, increase in, etc.
  • Take into consideration the words, especially prepositions, used right before the blank space. These will help you find the best fit (provided you have good knowledge of Grammar).

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5. Fill in the blanks (list of choices)

  • Always remember to read the entire text first.
  • The options that are given in the drop-down menu are usually quite similar. Read them carefully and then try to find out which one is the most appropriate as per the question requirement.
  • Read either side of the blank to help yourself find the correct answer from the list of choices provided.
  • In the end, read the entire text and check whether it is making any sense. The senseless sentence will be a sign that you have filled in the wrong answer.


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