Repeated Answer Short Questions (Picture Based)

Repeated Answer Short Question – Please give a simple and short answer. Often just one or a few words is enough. We have compiled most recent and important answer short questions. Hope it will help.

Recent Answer Short Questions [May 2018] – Picture Based

S.No. Question Answer
1. In mathematics and arithmetic, there are addition, multiplication, division. What’s the other one? Division
2.  If there are 8 black balls and 1 white ball in a jar, and I randomly pick one, which color is most likely to be picked?  Black

PTE Speaking – Repeated Answer Short Questions

1. If the telescope is used for far distant object, what instrument is employed for minuscule objects? Correct Answer


2. A business does not want to make a loss, what does it want to make? Correct Answer


3. If you are going to have job interviews, will you be pessimistic or enthusiastic? Correct Answer


4. Does gravity come in physics or biology? Correct Answer


5. In business and advertisement, what is PR stand for? Correct Answer

public relations

6. What is the opposite direction of the northeast? Correct Answer


7. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life? Correct Answer


8. Does gravity come in physics or biology? Correct Answer


9. A business does not want to make a loss, what does it want to make? Correct Answer


10. A famous canal links the Mediterranean sea with the Indian Ocean. Is it the Corinth or the Suez Canal? Correct Answer

Suez Canal

Other Important Answer Short Questions:

11. How many wheels have a tricycle? Correct Answer


12. KM and KG, Which is to measure length/distance? Correct Answer


13. Where does solar power generate energy? Correct Answer


14. When you rub 2 things, what will happen? Correct Answer


15. If a figure is hexagonal, how many sides does it have? Correct Answer


16. What is H2O stands for? Correct Answer


17. What studies the structure of the earth, geology or geography? Correct Answer


18. What word describes moving a program or other material from a website to your computer? Correct Answer


19. Which country is in the southern hemisphere, Australia or Canada? Correct Answer


20. The horse is a mammal, amphibian or reptile? Correct Answer


21. What is the time of a day before noon called? Correct Answer


22. What do you call a system of government in which people vote for the people that will represent them? Correct Answer

A democracy

23. What is a destructive program that spreads from computer to computer? Correct Answer

A virus

24. What do you call a person who is working for a company? Correct Answer


25. What’s the fastest way to get from the 20th floor to the 1st floor? Correct Answer


26. Some calendars begin the week on Sunday. What is the other day which commonly starts a week? Correct Answer


27. Jane and Peter have three children. They are 4, 13 and 15 years old. They only have one son, who is their youngest child. How old is their middle child? Correct Answer


28. What is the pointing device of a computer? Correct Answer


29. What is the quickest way of traveling from Tokyo to Paris? Correct Answer


30. What information does a terrestrial globe provide? Correct Answer


31. What is the general term for paintings of the countryside or natural views? Correct Answer

A Landscape

32. What is a painting of a person’s head usually called? Correct Answer

A Portrait

33. What crime has someone stealing from a shop committed? Shop fitting or Shop lifting? Correct Answer

Shop Lifting

34. Who is the person in charge of a football match? Correct Answer

The Referee

35. What do we call the last game in a sporting competition which decides the champion? Correct Answer

The Final

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