PTE Sample Test 5 – Listening – Highlight Incorrect Words

PTE Sample Test (Academic) Highlight Incorrect Words – You will hear a recording. Some words in the transcription differ form what the speaker(s) said. Find out incorrect words.

This is an item type that integrates listening and reading skills, and requires you to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription.

PTE Sample Test: Highlight Incorrect Words

  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #1

Every year, foreign governments and other overseas annuities spend about half a billion dollars trying to influence American policy, according to the Project on Government Oversight. The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) enables researchers to track their standing and sway. The federal law was adopted in 1938 when Congress was worried about Nazi propagate in the United States; it was updated in 1966 to cover activities more broadly political. Today under FARA, which is run by the U.S. Department of Justice, loyalists and other organizations are required to regularly declare their relationships with foreign principals, their meetings, payments, as well as the informational materials they use to influence policy makers, such as presentations, email correspondence, even draft flagellation. Much of the documentation is available on the FARA website, though there are holes in both the legislation and implementation.

INCORRECT WORDS: annuities, standing, propagate, loyalists, flagellation


  • Listen to the recording and highlight incorrect words #2

The mid-twentieth century “Great Migration” of African-Americans from the South to the urban North represents one of the largest internal migrations in history. That pattern in some ways is being revised. “The return migration proceeded beneath the radar of scholars until the late 1990s and 2000s, when northeastern and mid-western cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago — prime destitution during the Great Migration – endured extreme population loss as the reverse migration to the South indemnified. From 2000 to 2010, the black population increased most in the suburbans of four southern cities – Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas, and Houston, popular destinations for America’s growing black middle class (Frey 2015).” As part of these trends, researchers are looking at dianetics relating to the “emergence of the middle-class black suburban enclave.”

INCORRECT WORDS: revised, destitution, indemnified, suburbans, dianetics

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