PTE Sample Test – Listening (Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer)

Listening (Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer) – Listen to the recording and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

This is a multiple-choice item type that assesses listening skills. It requires test takers to listen to, analyze, understand and assess a short recording on an academic subject and choose a single correct response.

PTE Sample Test – Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

  • Listen to the audio and answer the following question #1


Ques: What is the main idea that the speaker is trying to convey in her comments?

[A]. The dose of opiates needed to treat chronic pain is usually 80 milligrams.
[B]. The rate of morphine addiction has not increased over the past 18 years.
[C]. Governments can play a key role in chronic pain management.
[D]. Authorization for the prescription of opiates is required every thirty days.



TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

I have chronic pain and at times this is severe, but this is managed with opiates. I know the general public has a very perverted view of opiates because they think street addiction, heroin, drug smugglers.  Click here to read full transcript

However, if prescribed correctly by doctors in the right dose for your height and weight and you manage it well yourself, I haven’t increased my dose of 80 milligrams of morphine in the last 18 years. So that’s a fairly good illustration, that no you don’t double it every ten minutes the way the general public think. And also it’s very well looked after by the government. I have to present myself to my GPs who all get to know me very well every 30 days, and they have to phone to Canberra to have authorization, and I get my monthly dose of opiates to keep me going till the next lot.


  • Listen to the audio and answer the following question #2


Ques 1. Which of the following best represents the main idea of this passage?

[A]. Despite a common topic, French and American cookbooks differ in the way they give directions.
[B]. Because they are better cooks, the French write cookbooks that trust their readers’ judgment.
[C]. American cookbooks don’t have much faith in the cook’s ability to determine the right taste.



TRANSCRIPT (Only for reference, it will not be given in actual PTE Academic Test)

French and American cookbooks obviously share the same subject: They both deal with the preparation of food. Click here to read full transcript

But that’s where the similarity ends. American recipes are very exact, while French recipes are open to personal variation. In American cookbooks, the teaspoon of sugar, for instance, is described as rounded or flat. French cookbooks are inclined to be less precise. The French cookbook writer thinks nothing of listing a “sprinkling of pepper” or a “pinch of salt.” French cookbooks are also likely to tell the reader to “season according to taste.” American cookbooks, in contrast, don’t seem to have as much faith in their readers’ ability to get the recipe right from taste. They tell readers exactly how much seasoning to use. 

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  • one thing i noticed in MCQ-Single choice answer mostly followed by best conclusive choice regardless of single line fact or mentioning.

      • There isn’t sufficient information to state that Govt plays a key role apart from ‘And also it’s very well looked after by the government’. This doesn’t seem to be the ‘central’ idea of the passage.

        • This response is correct because the details in the recording support this idea. The speaker also states that her opiate use is “very well looked after by the government.”

        • I think the point made here is valid. The speaker barely said anything about the govt involvement in the pain mgnt. However, he did mention that the GP needs to seek approval from Canberra for the next doze.. Hence, I chose D.
          But its confusing.
          Please enlighten me.

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