PTE Writing – Summarize Written Text Practice Sample 36

Summarize Written Text In One Sentence – Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

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PTE Writing – Summarize Written Text

1. Read and summarize written text in your words.

Children Watch TV

Why and to what extent should parents control their children’s TV watching? There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with TV. The problem is how much television a child watches and what effect it has on his life. Research has shown that as the amount of time spent watching TV goes up, the amount of time devoted not only to homework and study but other important aspects of life such as social development and physical activities decreases.

Television is bound to have its tremendous impact on a child, both in terms of how many hours a week he watches TV and of what he sees. When a parent is concerned about the effects of watching television, he should consider a number of things: what TV offers the child in terms of information and knowledge, how many hours a week a youngster his age should watch television, the impact of violence and sex, and the influence of commercials.

What about the family as a whole? Is the TV set a central piece of furniture in your home! Is it flicked on the moment someone enters the empty house? Is it on during the daytime? Is it part of the background noise of your family life? Do you demonstrate by your own viewing that television should be watched selectively?

Since television is clearly here to stay, it is important that parents manage their children’s TV viewing so that it can be a plus rather than a minus in the family situation.

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Watching too much television has negative effects on important aspects of children’s lives and it is not television but the way that parents manage their children’s TV watching, including the time they spend on, the programs they watch and even how the family deal with the TV, that matters.

2. Read and summarize written text in your words

Until the early 1960s, newspapers published separate job listings for men and women. The struggle for African American women was even more formidable; until the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, jobs specified “no Blacks need apply.” Although we don’t see as much evidence of such blatant discrimination in access to opportunities in the workplace today, they no doubt institutionally exist.

Women still are segregated into “pink-collar” jobs that affect their wages, according to an AAUW report. Women comprise 87 percent of workers in the child care industry and 86 percent of the health aide industry. Women of colour have especially endured a disproportionate lack of access to jobs in the wake of the recession, as the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) reports that unemployment has risen faster for young women of colour than for white women in the same age range. Unemployment among young black women has increased by 8.6 percent to 20.4 percent this year.

Equal access is just the tip of the iceberg; those women lucky enough to break the barrier to employment lag behind in equal pay. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the median weekly earnings of female full-time workers in 2009 were $657, compared with male median weekly earnings of $819.

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  • Hii,
    please review for my comments because i take exam in 3 jan.

    Watching too much television is waste of time and decreasing the physical and social activities, however, parents should be avoid their children’s for the watching television in whole day.

  • Excess watching television may affect children’s career, social life and physical activity, however it is important to parents what sort of material children allowed to watch where he can improve wide range knowledge and avoid sex and violence, another factor as a parent’s have responsibility to choose right kind program.

  • Women have been struggling to find a job, especially black one, in America prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, but they are still bounded to “pink-collar” jobs that have bad effects on their income.

  • Watching TV in excess and content that is being watched have bad effects on children’s lives in terms of less physical activity and not focus on study, which can be resolved by keeping an eye on children TV watching by parents.

    Please review.

  • Dear Author,

    Please advice.

    Although, research proves that children watching television frequently will have a negative impact, by having a minimal time in terms of social development, physical activities; but, we also need to line-up the knowledge the kids can gain from the programs.

  • The amount of time children’s spent on TV indirectly effects on their life, it is parents responsibility to monitor and allow them to watch quality programs which could help children to improve his or her knowledge and should not allow them to watch programs which negatively impacts on children brains such as violence and sex.

  • Though TV is a part of home, parents are more concerned about their children who spends more time watching television can decrease their social development and physical activity; also shows much impact in terms of time and content which is associated with violence, sex and other commercials which should be controlled and managed by parents so that children get positive benefits rather than negative.

  • Until the Right Act of 1964, women have been discriminated based on their color to procure a job which is prevailing today; therefore, black women are still suffering by labeling jobs with pink collar resulting in higher unemployment and wage differentiation.

  • Can you please review — It is evident that watching TV is a routine habit of the family; however, parents should set a timetable for their children to watch TV because, despite its optimistic impact, it also provides the outrageous effect on children growth such as violence, sex, and least physical activities.

  • Parents should control their children to watch TV and help to do other aspects of life; moreover, he should consider the child in terms of knowledge and influence of commercial, so parents manage their time to watch TV.

  • #1Although watching tv in general is not wrong with children,parents should be concern on how much children spend time watching it and what kind of programs or shows they offer because those factors could influence directly their behavior and also when there is more things to prioritise like school works and active communication with other children. #2Racial descrimination though its not obvious but its happening based on different researches example of this are unequal opportunities in terms of salary rates and kind of work between white colored women and black,increasing unemployment of black women from previous years up to the recent.

  • Although watching tv in general is not wrong with children,parents should be concern on how much children spend time watching it and what kind of programs or shows they offer because those factors could influence directly their behavior and also when there is more things to prioritise like school works and active communication with other children.

  • Isn’t **Summarize written text** limited to 30 words? Why am I seeing people all replying with about 50 words? Is there’s a change of policy? I found the word limitation on the official tutorial textbook.

  • Watching TV by kids do have impacts in their life, such that if they spend much time on this, they will devote less time to school, homework and other important things for development, as such parents should monitor and control their children’s time while watching TV.

  • African American women faced a hard time in getting jobs in 1960s, as unemployment rate for young black women has also risen this year by 12 percent, apart from this, in 2009, the female weekly pay was also less as compared to male.
    Thanks Admin.
    Can you please check and get back to me?

    • Your summary is somewhat OK. But not good, you missed the main idea. Read the summary by Divya in comments. It is good.

  • #1
    Although watching TV has become an inherent part of the family but parents should be concerned about its impact on their children as watching television has both positive and negative aspects attached to it and parents should control duration of watching TV for children so that they can learn from TVas well as grow properly without affecting their social development.

    The racial discrimination situation of 1960’s regarding job has not completely withered away until the current time and coloured women are still suffering, limited to pink collar job leading to wages difference and in recession times, have reported higher unemployment rate as compared to others.

  • Early 1960 Newspaper published job listing for the particular person in terms of discrimination whereas the women have similar access even little bit less for equal pay compare to male

    • The main idea in this paragraph – discrimination faced by women in workplace especially by colourd women.

      And you completed failed to find out the main idea. Work on it.

  • Parent have to control their children’s watching TV in terms of time, program, and family which they have to monitor their children to have particular time for family and they have to know the educative programs that their kids to be watched

    • Hi Ageng Hardani,

      The main idea is – Impact Of Tv Watching on children and its influence on children.

      While you have correctly find out the main idea but you need to work on sentence structure. Read more sample summaries. It will help

  • Parents should restrict their children from spending too much time in TV watching as it has a great influence on their daily life,physical growth and activities and they should also have a constant check that their children watch TV to gain some information rather than useless stuff.

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