Model PTE Essays – Reducing Crime

The model answer for essay on reducing Crime

Write about the following topic:

How do you think the crime would reduce – with harsher punishments or moral teachings? Discuss both the views and take a stand?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write at least 250 words.

PTE Essays – Reducing Crime

PTE Essays - Reducing Crime

Model Answer

Since times immemorial we have had the debate – carrot v/s stick; which is the more appropriate tool to curtail unwanted behavior. By ‘carrot,’ we mean a reward or a promise of it if good behavior is followed; and moral teaching does precisely that. It creates a belief system that every action has a rebound – good is met with good, and bad follow bad. Although supporting evidence creates a strong case for either, I am of the view that for crime to reduce, harsher punishments is the only recourse.

Behavioral insights into the most notorious criminals indicate that they seldom show any remorse, even after the inappropriateness of their actions has been established. It suggests that they do not believe their actions were unwanted. For moral teaching to work there needs to be an intrinsic belief in goodness – which I think is missing for most of the hardened criminals. To such individuals, instead, the fear of the law might work better than the ‘good values’ taught through moral education.

At the same time, harsher punishments cannot be, and should not be universally applied to all the cases. For mostly the young adolescent kids, there should be an attempt to draw them out of the socially unwanted section of the society, by way of the likes of community services – which act as a medium to teach humanitarian values to those involved.

Moral teaching should be included as a part of the educational system, in our early years. The earlier these concepts are introduced, the greater is the likelihood that the young may abstain from crime. At the same time, for most of the notorious elements of our society, it will be the fear of the law – the punishment that may keep them from committing wrong.

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  • Crime in this world is increasing day by day and people are describing every day the new ways of doing a crime. We need to think about this problem seriously; otherwise, it will be too late. Some schools of thoughts believe that the harsh punishment is the best way to stop the crime while other groups of people argue that to banish the crime from its roots moral teachings are the best solution. This essay will elaborate both points of views that whether the punishment or moral teaching is useful in this concern.
    It is really true that a good and fair law can reduce the crime rate, so a proper system of punishment will be applied on any region can give us the desired results. For example, in Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they have the law of cutting hand if someone theft anything and they are very successful to stop the theft crime from their country because if anyone does such bad act, they give him this punishment without any hesitation.
    On the other side, a good teaching process can bring a revolution. That’s why most people give stress that it is very necessary to educate the people because through education they can differentiate between good and bad. For example, in all developed countries the ratio of literate people are very high and all know their duties and rights towards society and it is the reason that the crime rate is very low compared to developing countries or third world.
    This essay narrated that how harsh punishment plays a role to control the crime and to what extent the moral teaching or proper education is useful. In my opinion, teaching is a best and useful way to control the crimes.

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