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Repeated Summarize Written Text – The post will give you the most repeated and real exam Summarize Written Text paragraphs along with sample summaries. A big thank you, to those students, who were kind enough to send me their questions.

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[April -May 2018] Summarize Written Text

Repeated Summarize Written Text-1

1. Presidential Election – According to the United States Constitution, a presidential election is to be held once every fourth year. Read full paragraph

2. Food and eating in Australian – In the past two centuries there has been a dramatic change in the role of food and eating in Australian public consciousness. Read full paragraph

3. Electric Eels – The first time I read Von Humboldt’s tale, I thought it was completely bizarre, Catania says. Why would the eels attack the horses instead of swimming away? Read full paragraph

4. Dinosaur Extinct – What killed off the dinosaurs? The end of the Cretaceous Period saw one of the most dramatic mass extinctions the Earth has ever seen. Read full paragraph

5. Orbital Debris – For decades, space experts have worried that a speeding bit of orbital debris might one day smash a large spacecraft into hundreds of pieces. Read full paragraph

6. Overqualified worker – If your recruiting efforts attract job applicants with too much experience a near certainty in this weak labor market. Read full paragraph

7. Water – Water is at the core of sustainable development. Water resources, and the range of services they provide underpin poverty reduction, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Read full paragraph

8. Cities – How can we design great cities from scratch if we cannot agree on what makes them great? Read full paragraph

9. Online learning – What makes teaching online unique is that it uses the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, as the primary means of communication. Read full paragraph

10. Nurse Sharks – Nurse sharks are nocturnal animals, spending the day in large inactive groups of up to 40 individuals. Hidden under submerged ledges or in crevices within the reef. Read full paragraph

Other Repeated Summarize Written Texts

1. Australian Education – Different cultures have different ideas on relationships and how they are viewed and acted out. For example, love and romance are seen to be very important. Read full paragraph

2. SLP Officer – Armed police have been brought into NSW schools to reduce crime rates and educate students. The 40 School Liaison Police (SLP) officers have been allocated to the public. Read full paragraph

3. Asking Questions – All non-human animals are constrained by the tools that nature has bequeathed them through natural selection. They are not capable of striving towards truth. Read full paragraph

4. Pascolena Florry – When Namibia gained independence in 1990, teenager Pascolena Florry was herding was herding goats in the country’s dry, desolate northern savannah. Read full paragraph

5. Parent’s Born Oder Affect Their Parenting – Parents’ own birth order can become an issue when dynamics in the family they are raising replicate the family in which they were raised. Read full paragraph

6. The Problem Of Prediction – As far as prediction is concerned, remember that the chairman of IBM predicted in the fifties that the world would need a maximum of around half a dozen computers. Read full paragraph

7. Call For Revolutionary Thinking –  We live in an aging world. While this has been recognized for some time in developed countries, it is only recently that this phenomenon has been fully acknowledged. Read full paragraph

8. It’ll Never Fly: The City Of London – Who would have thought back in 1698, as they downed their espressos, that the little band of stockbrokers from Jonathan’s Coffee House. Read full paragraph

9. National Prohibition Act – In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was enacted, creating yet another serious setback to the American wine industry. Read full paragraph

10. Children Watch TV – Why and to what extent should parents control their children’s TV watching? There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with TV. Read full paragraph

11. Cow & Grass – The co-evolutionary relationship between cows and grass is one of nature’s underappreciated wonders; it also happens to be the key to understanding just about everything about modern meat. Read full paragraph

12. Country Living – Live in the country and last three years longer than my city friends? Good news indeed, more backing for a lifestyle choice. Read full paragraph

13. Comparative Advantages – With an abundance of low-priced labor relative to the United States, it is no surprise that China, India and other developing countries specialize in the production of labor-intensive products. Read full paragraph

14. Diaspora Consciousness – Diasporas – communities which live outside, but maintain links with, their homelands – are getting larger, thicker and stronger. Read full paragraph

15. Noble Peace Prize – This year’s Nobel Peace Prize justly rewards the thousands of scientists of the United Nations Climate Change Panel (the IPCC). Read full paragraph

16. Tree-Ring Dating – Dendrochronology, or ‘tree-ring dating’ as it is often known, can provide an invaluable insight into the history of a building by revealing the year. Read full paragraph

17. House Mice – According to new research, house mice (Mus musculus) are ideal biomarkers of human settlement, as they tend to stow away in crates or on ships that end up going where people go. Read full paragraph

18. Australian Indigenous Food – In its periodic quest for culinary identity, Australia automatically looks to its indigenous ingredients, the foods that are native to this country. Read full paragraph

19. Beauty Contest – Since Australians Jennifer Hawkins and Lauryn Eagle were crowned Miss Universe and Miss Teen International respectively. Read full paragraph

20. Computer Programming – Consider the current situation: Like their counterparts in the United States, engineers, and technicians in India. Read full paragraph

21. Napping – A large new study has found that people who regularly took a siesta were significantly less likely to die of heart disease. Read full paragraph

22. The Khoikhoi – San, people of southern Africa, consisting of several groups and numbering over 85,000 in all. Read full paragraph

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