Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos Essay

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Should animals be kept in Zoos or are they better living in natural habitat? Discuss and give your opinion?

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Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos Essay

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Should animals be kept in zoos? Is a debatable topic and people around the globe are divided in their opinions. Some are supporting the zoos as people get to know animals by visiting them in zoos while others are criticizing the practice and demanding total eradication of zoos. I will discuss both sides of view before drawing any conclusion. And I am extremely in favor of the idea.

The reason people give who are against the idea of keeping animals is that the animals have to go through in-human behavior and extreme conditions in the zoos. They are not getting whole nutrition and being mistreated by the humans. Moreover, freedom cannot be compared to anything in the world. And though cannot speak for themselves, everyone deserves to be free in this world.

We can’t overlook the pros of keeping animals in zoos. First of all, the primary purpose of the zoo is to conserve the animals. As we all are aware of the fact that most of the species are already endangered so need of the hour is to conserve them and zoos provide the perfect habitat for them. By bringing them into a safe environment, feeding them with proper food and with breeding process, a lot of species are saved. They even get protection from poachers, hunting, illegal selling, and predators. Moreover, people visiting zoos get to know the animals from close and encourage research which helps in conservation for the wild animals.

In conclusion, both the opinions are supported by strong points, but in my view, there are more pros of zoos than cons. However, there should be some standards set for these zoological garden so to reduce the suffering of animals.

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[Submitted by S Shah]

Whether animals are to be kept in Zoos or let them live in forests is a debatable issue. There are mixed opinions of people around the globe. Some people think that animals should be kept in the zoo for their better living, while on the contrary, some say that animals should not be kept in cages, instead they should be kept free in natural habitat. From my perspective, animals should be kept in the zoo instead of leaving them in natural habitat.

First of all, I would like to put emphasis on the dark sides of leaving animals in natural habitat. I believe, in this contemporary world, animals are safer in Zoos compared to forests. The foremost reason is deforestation. People, to fulfill their needs and luxuries are occupying forest lands for building factories and houses and cut trees for their personal use. Many species of animals are getting extinct because of deforestation. Also, hunting and poaching have become the usual habit of people to satisfy their hunger. In addition to this, in forests, there is no one to take care of animals, if they get sick or injured.

On the contrary, in Zoos, animals can get a hospitable environment. In most of the Zoos, there are vet doctors appointed to take care of animals health. In Zoos, there are also trained people who are specially hired to feed different animals, as responsibilities of different cages are allocated to them. Similar to the natural habitat, the animal can also get the same ambiance in Zoos. Moreover, people visiting Zoos can get to know about the different species and also children learn about their origin and habits.

In conclusion, I would say that to save the wildlife, the best place for animals are Zoos. Animals are more protected and cared in Zoos than anywhere else.

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  • This topics are not matching with the topic that I was searching I am sharing the topic
    Should animals and birds be kept in captivity or should they be left to live in their natural habitat write between 250 to 300 words

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    ‘Since the dawn of civilization, animals are in the service of mankind’. Well, keeping animals in zoo become a predominant of view for all over the contemporary world today. However, I am inclined to believe that animals should kept be kept in zoo. So some advantages and disadvantages of adventure sport before giving (article missing) appropriate conclusion.

    In one hand, (article missing)zoo will be protect protect the animals form hunter and give feeling of save. Moreover, zoo provide provides wide range of facilities to animals, for instance food, medicine, and so on. In addition, due to (article missing) visit of any zoo visitors have opportunities to access the knowledge and get (article missing) picture of any particular animals. Furthermore. visit to zoo also increase the economy rate of (article missing) nation.

    On the other hand, animals have also equal right to live as a human being. Whereas, apart from zoo, animals have (article missing) feeling of freedom and enjoy in (article missing) forest with natural creation nature.

    To sum up, after looking at both sides of the debate I pen down by saying that, animals should kept in zoo only because there is no much more place for live them on (article missing) public place and it would be safe for both people and animals. And zoo should provide (article missing) natural environment to animals in which they feel comfort.

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