Essay – Should Discrimination Against Older Workers Be Made Illegal?



The law does not permit employers to hire or recruit employees based on their age but it does exist in our society. It includes denying a job to a person due to their age or making the older workers take early retirement. Many reports and survey suggest age discrimination is widespread in recruitment. I personally oppose it and believe that discrimination against older workers be made illegal.

For a particular profile in the workforce, all that matters is relevant experience and not the age. Till the employee is performing his job in the best way, age should not act as a restriction.

Many studies show that ageist attitude is actively prevalent in workforce environment and furthermore employers and young workers think that older workers lack the ability to adapt new technologies and platform so they are forced to take early retirement. This negative perception about older workers denies them their right to learn new technology or get training. There are very little opportunities available for older workers.

There should be a law against age discrimination and prohibits discrimination in hiring based on candidate’s age, promotions, wages, or termination of employment and layoffs. The government should strictly implement such laws and made employer subject to fine or punishment if they follow the trend.

Further, if any employee feels that he/she is subject to such discrimination then he/she should complain to the higher authority. The Older Worker can also contact their union and present their case. 1 in 3 Americans are 50 or older, and by the time we will reach 2030, 1 in 5 will be 65 and above. If age discrimination is still practiced in work environment then in some years America will face acute workforce shortage.

At the end, I want to conclude that help should be made available to the older workers to revalue their skills as their vast experience can help any company or development to grow faster. Age discrimination should be banned legally.

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