Summarize Written Text – The Complete Guide

PTE Writing: Summarize Written Text

In Summarize Written Text, you have to write a summary of the text in one sentence (between 5 and 75 words). You will be given to 10 minutes to write your summary. In this 10 minutes, you have to understand, analyze & submit your response.

Things To Remember

  • Submit your response in one sentence only, between 5 & 75 words.
  • You have to submit your response within 10 minutes.
  • Start your summary with a capital letter & end with a full stop. Moreover, never use all capital letters in your answer.
  • Grammar, Spellings & Vocabulary matter a lot.

Essential Summarize Written Text Tips

How To Improve Summarize Written Text Score (Tips, Strategies & Score Guide)

Words To Avoid In PTE Academic Writing Task

PTE Summarize Written Text Repeated Questions

We have a collection of 30+ real exam SWT questions. These questions are provided by the students who recently appeared for the exam. We have tried to provide the information as accurately as possible.

There is no guarantee that these questions will come in the exam, but these are real exam questions that get repeated quite often. If you have any information or content which you would like us to add to the list, please contact [email protected].

Want to Practice Summarize Written Text?

PTEAcademicExam has prepared 40+ practice samples to help students get high scores in the PTE test. These sample questions are developed in accordance with real exam questions. If you want to enhance your PTE Academic score, then try practice questions.

  • Practice Sample 22


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