[Unsolved] PTE Practice Test 26 – Reading (Reorder Paragraphs)

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We have a collection of unsolved Reorder paragraphs, let us all solve and post our solutions.

Reorder Paragraphs requires test takers to be familiar with the organization and cohesion of academic texts and arrange text in a single correct order.

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PTE Practice Test – Reorder Paragraphs

1. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense.

[A]. Almost a century ago, when the father of the modern automobile industry, Henry Ford, sold the first Model T car, he decided that only the best would do for his customers.

[B]. Today, it is committed to delivering the finest quality with over six million vehicles a year in over 200 countries across the world.

[C]. And for over 90 years, this philosophy has endured in the Ford Motor Company.

[D]. Thus, a vehicle is ready for the customer only if it passes the Ford ‘Zero Defect Programme’.

2. Re-order / Rearrange the sentence in such a way that make sense. 

[A]. As time passed by, the man who is more self-centered learned to dominate woman and thus in course of time, our society became patriarchal.

[B]. Most human communities have been male dominated.

[C]. Consequently, the place of women in society became much inferior to that of man.

[D]. But the history of man attests to the fact that centuries ago human society was matriarchal in structure.


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  • 1. ADCB – as A is talking about Henry Ford, his first model and promise to do with his customers, then D is followed by A, as it gives idea that how he can give best to their customers, C is followed by D as it states the phenomena ( Zero defect test), B is followed by C as it concludes that because of rest all, today company delivered the finest vehicle.
    2. BDAC- agree with the Author.

    • Correct answers are:
      1. ACBD – Sentence ‘A’ opens the paragraph as it talks about initiation of the quality measures of Henry Ford. Sentence ‘C’ follows Sentence ‘A’. ‘B’ comes next as it talks about modern day scenario of ford motors’ quality. ‘D’ conludes the paragraph.

      2. BDAC – ‘B’ introduces the topic “male domination”. Sentence ‘D’ comes next as they are logically linked and contradicts the statement made in sentence ‘B’. Next comes sentence ‘A’ as talks about how our society shifted from woman domination to male domination. Sentence ‘C’ sums it up.

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